Top 3 Most Interesting Themed Restaurants in Oman

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With an increase in Oman tourism, Muscat has witnessed the cropping up of numerous fancy and themed restaurants of its own. Since Omani food is greatly inspired by Indian cuisine, many Indian restaurants in Muscat lets you savour both Indian and Omani gastronome. Well, going with the flow of the topic, I will focus on the conceptual designs of restaurants more and will tell you the top 3 themed restaurants in Muscat, backed by my own experience.

The Jungle


Located in the beautiful city of Muscat, the restaurant is created with a rainforest theme amidst lush foliage. The ambience and location of the restaurant is nothing less than a treat to the eyes. You get to enjoy the natural elements of the rainforest that includes rain, thunder, and lighting, together making for a perfect adult as well as a kid’s friendly restaurant in Muscat.

Alongside, there are sounds of chirping birds, roaring dinosaurs and other animals for a more realistic experience. So you should know, with a jungle theme, it does not mean you will just get an architecture inspired by a forest. You will experience a virtually real rainforest inside the restaurant. Plus, the place has mouth-watering food to treat your taste-buds as well.

Mumbai Chennai Express

As mentioned before, a major percentage of Omani population have their roots from India, so you will find many food centres with an Indian origin. One such Indian restaurant in Muscat is Mumbai-Chennai Express. This theme restaurant in Muscat is inspired by Indian Railway and gives you a complete feel of having a feast-treat inside the Mumbai-Chennai express. The restaurant was built after the popular Bollywood movie “Chennai Express”. I would highly recommend this place for those who want to experience an old-charm and nostalgia of travelling on a train.

1947 Indian Restaurant

Do you wonder how it would look like if the Indian history books were a place? It is this restaurant that will let you step into the pages of a history book, taking you back to the time when India got its independence. You will see a large cannon at the entrance, offering the vintage feel right from when a guest enters. The walls are adorned with the pictures of Indian freedom fighters, and the newspapers of that time are specially brought to cover the tables. Another great feature I found here was the speeches echoing over the sound system all over the restaurant. There is so much to read and look at once you decide to feast inside the 1947 Indian Restaurant.

So, whether you choose to go to a historical Indian restaurant or rainforest restaurant in Oman, one thing that certain is, you are going to have a wonderful time and experience.


Must Try Ramadan Special Buffet in Muscat

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Ramadan does not only mean fasting and adorning the power of sacrifices. It is also an occasion that brings an opportunity to treat your taste-buds with delicious savouries and make the celebrations all the more fun. Ramadan is the most awaited month for all the Muslims. It is a time when everyone gathers with their loved ones and share some quality family time, while breaking fast with scrumptious food together.



If you are in Muscat and want to make your Ramadan extra special this year, then here are some of the best Omani restaurants you must visit for savouring Ramadan special buffet.

The Jungle Restaurant– Keeping in mind the essence of Iftar. The Jungle Restaurant has come up with some of the most delicious gastronome to make this Ramadan memorable. This restaurant is not only a perfect getaway for feast-treat, but to enjoy the extraordinary jungle themed ambience as well. In short, a perfect destination for your Ramadan celebrations!

Ubhar Bistro– If you are a big fan of Omani cuisine, or want to try the authentic local grubs, then this restaurant can be your Iftar escape. The restaurant has assorted varieties of food, prepared to give the guests the real taste of Oman.

Taybat Restaurant– With a contemporary interior and city view, this restaurant has various options of food, including vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten free, etc. No matter what kind of food you like to have on your table, you will most probably get it in this restaurant.

Bar.B.Q Tonight– Add class to your Ramadan celebration at this sophisticated restaurant. The restaurant lets you taste flavorful and ingredient-rich food in Oman. For your Iftaar, you can find an array of assorted cuisines available here, prepared specifically for this auspicious month.

Ginger All Day Dining– Ginger provides fantastic and mouth-watering buffet for those looking for a mesmerizing Ramadan experience. The ambience and interior is nothing less than fabulous, and its food will simply blow your mind away.

Muscat is a city full of restaurants, offering authentic flavors of Omani food and international cuisine. Above-mentioned are some of the places in Muscat, where you can enjoy a Ramadan special Buffet in the fanciest way. Make your Ramadan celebration cheerful at a perfect restaurant and with the togetherness of family and friends.


Best 5 Restaurants To Have a Feast-Treat in Muscat

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OK, I am not a world-famous connoisseur who has this job of judging food with a professional sense of taste and spices. But I am a foodie who loves to taste different savouries. And, tasting the deliciousness of gastronomy prepared with distinctive culinary concepts is my passion.

Relatable much?

I never forget a restaurant that provides me with good food and thus never let my foodie friends be unaware of the place too. Here, I am not going to mention the names that keep shuffling in-between the best 5 restaurants in most every blog, just because of their brand. But, here I will tell you (backed-up with my personal experience) the best 5 Restaurants in Muscat, depending on their food varieties, quality, ambience, and other services. Take this blog as my review for all these 5 restaurants. So, here we go-

1. The Jungle Restaurant

If I would say this place is extraordinary! This would still be an understatement. Let’s talk about the food first. I went to this restaurant for my breakfast, and I was amused with the varieties of food they had to offer me. There is so much to order just for the breakfast, you would be wondering what to choose. Apart from food, they have a tropical rainforest theme amidst lush foliage. And, with Jungle theme, I do not mean the wooden looking furniture all around. This restaurant lets you experience the surreal natural elements, including rain, thunder and lightning, along with the sounds of a roaring dinosaur, chirping birds and other animals.

2. Copper
This restaurant has a jam-packed of goodness, including delicious desserts, healthy baked beans, and what not. They offer an impeccable setting and a mind-blowing menu. I would suggest you to not miss “The Deal” as it gets you food at a great discount. This restaurant serves until 5 pm, so you should decide your visit accordingly.

3. Ginger All Day Dinning

You can get on a culinary tour of the world at this restaurant. This contemporary restaurant offers sumptuous international buffet to take you on a swing of varieties of deliciousness. As a complementary, Ginger also offers an à la carte menu, allowing its guest to order a specific dish or cuisine cooked exactly to their taste. This restaurant has both indoor and outdoor setting, and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. Blue Marlin Restaurant
Everyone who wants to feel some “good blues” around, then this restaurant is the perfect place. Its soothing ambience will let your mind relax, and the mouth-watering meal will blow your taste-buds away. You get access to the pool area once you enter the place, so why not get ready to celebrate a good time there?

5. D’arcy’s Kitchen

This restaurant is like a tradition in Oman, for a delectable treat of feast at a reasonable price. If in Muscat, I recommend not to miss this place, if you really want to experience the amazing taste of assorted cuisines. Enough to get your food game on!

These were some of the restaurants In Muscat that made me their fan, with the food and services they offered. If you have had some great food In Muscat, then kindly let me know where it was, in the comments below.

What Makes The Jungle Restaurant Best Choice For Your New Year Bash

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We have already approached 2019, but the celebrations do not seem to end yet. It’s the time of the year when spirit runs high and celebrations never stop. Are you looking for a fine dine restaurant in muscat? There are many to choose from and we will tell you exactly why you should choose The Jungle.

It is of no surprise that the jungle is an award-winning restaurant in Muscat. It is raved within the hospitality world for its eccentric damp amazonian theme in the middle of a dry arid desert. The settee is one of a kind that will spike your excitement. Kids fall in love with the jungle for its cacophony of animal voices, sound of the rain drops and chirruping of the birds.

No other luxury restaurant in muscat comes close to the level of hospitality that the jungle offers to its customers. Every staff is receptive and caters to your family’s convenience. The seating is exquisite and rich in tribal hieroglyphics and fossil remains. You will be spellbound by the rich aroma of mouth-watering recipes wafting through the restaurant.


How Is The Dining?

Extraordinary. It is still an understatement. There is a slew of delectable cuisines to choose from. The style of service is off the chart. Table top grills serve steaming hot kebabs right off the coal. Every delicacy is hand-made with organic ingredients to embalm the food with deep & rich flavor.

New Year Surprises Awaits You

Yes, you’re right! Not only does the jungle restaurant make for an intriguing experience, it also turns up the excitement by doling out the new year’s extras and freebies. There are so many surprises that are planned for the end of the year.

Make Memories Of The Outgoing Year

The biggest gift you can present to your family is unforgettable memories. A nostalgia is the best way to look back. When your dear ones have cherished memories to reminisce, every moment spent with them is worth. It is weight in gold.

Experience immaculate dining with the jungle this season!

Want to delight your family? Visit the Jungle restaurant!

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Hungry for a journey within the wild? Well, your wait is over because the lush geographic area of The Jungle is here, set within the lovely town of Muscat in Sultanate of Oman. This restaurant is profoundly close to ‘Mother Nature’ because it grants a lush forests and galore of wilds. Here you feel one with nature.

Jungle muscat
The distinctive ambiance of this theme restaurant in Muscat lets you forget the daily work pressures as it refreshes you with a series of unrivaled amusement. Equipped with all the natural components like the rain, thunder, and lightning, The Jungle Restaurant feels like a trip through the wild. The venue is simply right for an exciting journey within the jungle. Even the sounds of a roaring dinosaur and chirping birds is quite tempting for a nature lover.

With lovely cave drawings inscribed on its inner walls, the inside ornament of The Jungle bistro is equally superb. Seating arrangements are often arranged as per demands of the guests, be it solely some or an oversized range of individuals for a celebration. However the first two-level seating vogue provides unrestricted views of the forest and iridescent lighting makes the seating even a lot lovelier.

It’s not simply the ambiance; the authentic food of Muscat additionally attracts individuals by the dozen. The variability of food ready is simply as vivacious as its theme and you’ll be able to rest assured that the knowledgeable chefs use high quality ingredients.
Feast on global cuisines as professional chefs prepare finger-licking delicacies that would crave you for more. The restaurant offers a live-grill station placed at your table to let you experience the pleasure of eating searing fresh food right out the skewers.
It’s simply a mesmerizing place to be together with your beloved ones and soak in the thrills of a jungle journey. Such moments spent within the company of the one you love are often cherished forever. Each and every guest is treated sort of a king. It’s an ideal destination to celebrate life’s fully glory. The purity of nature and therefore the venturesome surroundings leave you fascinated. The immersion of visiting the wild is unparalleled due to the various exotic and fascinating plants and flowers showcased in the plant shop at the entrance of the restaurant. This additionally causes you to witness the regional flora of Sultanate of Oman.
Hence, simply cast off time to step within the geographic area of The Jungle themed restaurant and relish a wild feast. The forest surroundings can transform your feast into an unforgettable one.

Experience delightful dining at rainforest themed The Jungle Restaurant in Muscat

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Hungry for an adventure in the wild? Well, your wait is over as the lush green wilderness of The Jungle restaurant, located in the beautiful city of Muscat in Oman, is beckoning you. This restaurant is an ode to mother nature as it grants us lush green forests and abundant wilds. Sitting in such beautiful ambiance with a wild atmosphere, you feel one with nature.

The unique ambiance of this theme restaurant in Muscat makes you forget the daily work pressures. If you spend just one hour in this restaurant, you will experience something similar to a walk in the jungle. Equipped with all the natural elements like the rain, thunder, and lightning which are common in a rainforest, the restaurant is just right for a thrilling adventure in the jungle. Even the sounds of a roaring dinosaur, chirping birds, and other animals are quite tempting for a nature lover.

themed Restaurant

With beautiful cave drawings etched on its inner walls, the interior decor of The Jungle restaurant is equally amazing. Seating arrangements can be styled as per requirement of the guests, be it only a couple or a large number of people for a party. But the original two-level seating style provides unrestricted views of the rainforest. Indigenous lighting makes the view even more beautiful.

It’s not just the ambiance, the authentic food of one of the best restaurants in Muscat also draws people by the dozen. The variety of food prepared is just as vibrant as its theme and you can rest assured that the expert chefs are using quality ingredients. Whether it is the finest delicacies from Asia and the Middle East or continental food from Europe and Americas, The Jungle restaurant presents each type of food with a flourish. The magical touch of the chefs’ hands makes the food so


sumptuous that you are ready to eat right out of hand. You can also enjoy observing the live-grill station placed at each table and indulge in the feeling of dining in the wilderness.

Although the food is finger-licious, your mood will also lighten with the ambiance and music.  It’s just the ultimate place to hang out with your loved ones and enjoy the thrills of a jungle adventure. Such moments spent in the company of your beloved can be cherished forever. You will feel as if you are dining in the lap of mother nature and will feel bound to repeat this experience in the future.

Here, at this Indian restaurant in Muscat, each and every guest is treated like a king. It’s a perfect destination to celebrate life in full glory. The purity of nature and the adventurous surroundings leave you spellbound. The experience of visiting the wild is further enhanced by the numerous exotic and captivating plants and flowers. This also makes you knowledgeable about the type of flora found in Oman.

Hence, just take out time to step in the wilderness of The Jungle restaurant and relish a wild feast for your palate. The rainforest surroundings will make your feast the most memorable one.

Plan a Jungle Theme Party for your Kids’ Birthday bash

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If you have a little one who tends to get involved in mischiefs the minute you turn around, a jungle themed party will be perfect for your precious one’s birthday bash. For once, just leave the kids alone and free from constant chaperoning. Let the gang go wild in one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Muscat, The Jungle Restaurant.

The place has everything to keep the children entertained and enthralled throughout their visiting time. Well, not just kids, but also adults go wondering about the unreal interior and ambience at the restaurant.


Created along the tropical rainforest theme amidst lush foliage, The Jungle restaurant is a perfect destination for throwing birthday parties. The kids will really relish the unique ambiance of the restaurant as they can actually experience rain, thunder, and lightning while entering the restaurant. On top of it, they will be greeted by the sounds of chirping birds, roaring dinosaur, and other animals to get true jungle vibes.

As this theme restaurant in Muscat can accommodate about 100 guests, you have sufficient space for arranging a large party. The amazing and distinctive décor matches perfectly with the ambiance and theme of the restaurant. Kids can busy themselves in tracing out the beautiful cave drawings and ethnic etchings which cover the walls of the restaurant. The little angels will also revel in the unrestricted views of the rainforest while seated at the restaurant.

The birthday party will turn into an adventure for the little toddlers. You can send invites in a creative way while keeping in mind the Jungle theme. A proper dress code based on the jungle theme can be decided for the party. Kids generally love wearing animal costumes to the party. You can also organize various interesting games and activities based on this theme so that the children enjoy every single second spent at the venue.

While the kids are having fun, you can rest assured about the quality of food served by The Jungle restaurant. The food provided by them is just as spectacular as their theme. The youngsters will simply love the names of the various delicacies. You can decide the menu by picking from the finest delicacies of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Americas. All the dishes are prepared by expert chefs using quality ingredients.

Being one of the best restaurants in Muscat, The Jungle offers special Birthday celebration packages which are quite affordable. These packages include birthday cake, decorations, food and fun activities. The dedicated Jungle staff is quite friendly


with kids and always ensure that the little champs are involved in all the activities and having loads of fun.

As kids like to explore, this Indian restaurant in Muscat will fulfill their wish as it is quite an intriguing dining venue. They can not only explore the indoors but also the lush green outdoors. With plants and flowers adorning each side of the path leading to the restaurant, there is ample space for the little pranksters to satiate their ever-active minds.

So, if your quest is to find a fun escape for your little one’s birthday party, then here is where it should stop- The Jungle Restaurant.

So, let your little one cherish his big day as a wild beast in the jungle and relish the sweet memories for a long time to come.