Why Parents Prefer Kids Friendly Restaurants in Muscat?

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Kids are the bundle of pure joy and it feels really bad to leave them out while going for a lunch or dinner in a restaurant. The primary reason why parents are not able to take their kids along is that most of the restaurants are not kids-friendly. We cannot expect kids to stay calm and behave very decently in a restaurant like adults do. If they do not find anything that is entertaining to them, they get restless and start troubling their parents. Kids-friendly restaurant is a concept that is catching up fast but there are still a few such restaurants in Muscat.

Facilities Required To Qualify For Kids Friendly Restaurant

Kid’s Menu

The restaurant must include a special menu for kids that offers dishes that are less spicy and are presented in a colorful fashion in order to attract them. Food like French fries, grilled chicken, frost drinks, and smoothies etc. are visually appealing and children always like to grab a bite of such tempting dishes. Parents usually prefer packaged meal for the kids that include the main course, a beverage, and a dessert.

Lively & Colorful Decor

Lively ambiance and walls decked with colorful stuff like superhero paintings and cut-outs appeal to the kids. They feel attracted to them and hence, do not annoy their parents. If the restaurant is able to provide an atmosphere that has natural elements, the kids love the place and keep coming back with their parents.

High Chairs
If a restaurant wishes to be a good host to their little guests, it should have the facility of providing high chairs for them. It is quite uncomfortable for the parents to make the kids sit on their laps and feed them. The high chairs not only elevate the kids to the height of the table but also act as a place from where they cannot escape, as the chair comes with a small belt that can be fastened around the waist of the child.

Lot Of Space
A restaurant that has a lot of space, can utilize the area by creating different games zones for the kids, so that they get to do what they love the most i.e. playing. The parents are also relieved from the responsibility of attending to their child all the time and are able to make the most of their outing.

In order to have a fine dining experience with their kids, parents must ensure that the restaurant they are planning to visit, ticks every point in the checklist of features mentioned above. We hope that you will now be able to pick a kids friendly restaurants in Muscat with ease.

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Jungle Restaurant Muscat: A Heaven For Foodies

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Muscat is one of the most sought-after tourist destination in the middle-east as it boasts a milieu of dunes, hills, oases and many other attractions. Apart from these breathtaking points of interest, Omani cuisine is another highlight of Muscat. There are very few restaurants in Muscat that can boast authentic Omani cuisine coupled with a great ambiance. Jungle Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Muscat that not only offers the most delectable Omani dishes but also provides an environment that is typical of a rain forest. The guests can enjoy a walk through the artificial forest that is replete with lush foliage which is made even more realistic with lightening and thunder effect along with sounds of animals and chirping of birds.

Highlights of The Jungle Restaurants

jungle_menuThe Jungle is not just a restaurant that serves authentic Omani food but is an experience you cannot afford to miss when you are in Muscat. As the restaurant is situated inside a park, the ambience is quite refreshing. You will get the feel of a tropical rain forest that is not found in the city anywhere else. Not just the green foliage but you will also be greeted with sounds of animals like Dinosaurs and birds to take the Jungle experience to a different level.

To match the ambience, the décor of the restaurant has been themed on natural elements. There are cave drawing, indigenous lighting, and two level seating in the restaurant that make it one of a kind. The architecture is such that the guests can enjoy a restricted view of the forest siting in the restaurant. A total of 100 people can sit together in the restaurant and relish their meals

Authentic Omani Cuisine Served At Its Best

Omani CuisineApart from the rejuvenating atmosphere, the food at the restaurant is quite lip-smacking. You get to taste some delectable Omani dishes including an assortment of starters, soups, sandwiches, grilled dishes, steaks as well as tribal feasts. The menu is really very comprehensive and is designed to cater every discerning taste bud. In addition to the Omani delicacies, The Jungle restaurant also serves those who have a penchant for global cuisines including American, Middle-Eastern, Asian and European fairs. To make your dining experience more exciting, the restaurant also has a live grill station on every table so that the guests are served freshly grilled dishes on demand.

Additional Services At Jungle Restaurant

jungle_restaurant_servicesThe Jungle restaurant caters those who wish to have a different dining experience. Corporate and personal gatherings are quite common at the restaurant and the guests can book the tables in advance to ensure that they have a great time. A magical combination of an atmosphere created by natural elements and a great culinary experience is quite rare and The Jungle is quite proud to have exactly that. If you wish to enjoy your dinner, lunch or breakfast in the wilderness, you know where you should visit.

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Most Favorite Omani Cuisine In Muscat

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There is a lot to see and explore in Muscat, Oman. The Country Oman is best holiday spot for national and foreign traveller throughout the year. For travellers, there is a lot to explore such as wadis, cities, mountains, beaches and many more. Food in Oman is also another factor that attract tourists. Variety in Omani dishes leaves a remarkable imperssion on tourists.Once in Muscat, you are bound to have the most memorable experiences in your life.

Omani Food : Need To Try & Taste

Omani FoodRead moreRestaurants In City Of Oman

If we talk about the traditional Omani food then there is a lot to taste and try. The Omanis use special spices in their food which make the food really tempting and delicious. In different regions of the country you will witness a different varieties of food cooked in unique styles although the spices used are almost the same. Kahwa is a special traditional drink identical to coffee which is served as soon as you enter any house. There are many cafes all around the city of Muscat and in other parts of the country too offering this hot drink.

Great Food & Hospitality : Attract Tourist

great food and hospitalityRead moreFood in Muscat

There are many other dishes as well including mishkak, shuwa, marak etc. Each of these dishes is very delicious and is found easily in the restaurants in Muscat. Apart from the food, the hospitality is also play an vital role to attract travelers. There is a trick to satisfy your customer good food, great dining service, ambience of the restaurant makes guest happy creates a chance that guest will return back. So, the real value of food is in the service that is called hospitality.

Hunter's ChickenRead moreLip-Smacking Omani Food

In festivals, Muscat offers even more lip-smacking food. Foodies from all across the world relish the incomparable food of Muscat during this time. Almost all the restaurants are found closed during the day time but after sunset, they offer amazing food to eat. There are few exclusive dishes that are only found during this time of the year. Therefore, it is advisable to visit Muscat during the festival so that you can enjoy the vacation with more fun and more delicious food.

City Muscat : Made For Tourist

Muscat BeachRead moreWhy Oman Is Popular For Holidays

In fact, you can notice the joy in all parts of the country during traveling. Muscat being the capital of the country provides more fun and it seems to be livelier. The city Muscat have everything thing as tourist point of view i.e Fort, palaces, mosque, museum, national park, wadi etc. Stay at any of the luxury or budget friendly hotel in Muscat and dine at the restaurants offering great food at reasonable cost. Make sure that you choose the right one as per your taste and preferences. Since there are many restaurants in the city, you can find one very easily.

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Restaurants In City Of Oman – The Jungle

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Like other Middle Eastern country, Oman is also popular for its delectable dishes. If you are afraid of visiting the country because of the food then do not worry much as the restaurants in the Sultanate offer a wide variety of food to eat. National and international cuisines make a great combo here in most of the eateries. However, you wish to visit a restaurant specialized in a particular cuisine then there are such restaurants in Muscat as well providing a variety of dishes to eat.

Oman – Traditional Food

jungle food

Read moreLip-Smacking Omani Food

The culinary experience in Muscat will for sure make you engrossed with great delicacies prepared by expert chefs. The outstanding combination of Arabian, European, Asian and other such delicacies let the visitors get the best of all apart from the traditional Omani food.

jungle food 2

Apart from biryanis, kebab etc., you will get here delectable sea foods as well because of its proximity to the Arabian Sea. The Omanis cook the sea food in a way that it tastes very delicious. You will definitely sense a taste of Omani flavour.

Oman Best Restaurant In City Muscat


Read moreHow to choose Best Traditional Restaurants in Muscat

Now, a question must be arising in your mind that where to eat these mouth-watering foods. Well, there are plenty of restaurants in Muscat in different regions. Each of these eateries provides astounding food to eat. The menu list is huge enough to get confused which one to choose and which one to leave for the next visit.

There are cafes as well with a simple functional room offering tea, coffee and a few snacks. But the restaurants offer more than you have ever imagined. There are various theme-based restaurants as well that has been built with a particular theme such as rain-forest theme, traditional theme etc. The food provided in these places is as outstanding as the look and ambience of the restaurants.

People Choice – The Jungle


Read moreChoose your Own Best Restaurant in Muscat

restaurants in city Muscat which are located within the premises of the hotels and resorts so that guests can easily dine here without going somewhere else. However, the independent ones are equally known and offer scrumptious food to eat including Indian, Chinese and European dishes at very reasonable price.


Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, here in Muscat you do not have to worry about what to eat and what not to. The chefs and other staff of these places serve the guests with the top quality food and take utmost care of the hygiene. It means, you can freely eat the food without worrying much about it.

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Lip-Smacking Omani Food

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Food in Oman plays a vital role to win the hearts of the guests. In each restaurant in the cities of the Sultanate, you get a number of tasty food items cooked in a unique way. A unique variety of food can be found in Oman. The country offers a wide range of dishes cooked in a unique manner by the expert chefs of the country. However, food in Oman varies from place to place. Different parts of the country offer you different varieties of food using the same ingredients.

Lip-Smacking Food

img food

A great variety of cuisines will definitely leave you spellbound with lip-smacking flavors. At most of the places, you will find a variety of dishes based on chicken, fish and lamb. You will also find dishes made of their staple food which is rice.

Be it any dish, all of them contains a great amalgamation of rich spices, herbs as well as marinades which actually enhances the food and makes it more delectable. Food in Oman plays a great role to grab and win the attention of the visitors. It compels them to visit the place again and tickle their taste buds.

A staple of curry, rice, vegetables and cooked meat are found everywhere. On the other hand, chicken, lamb and vegetable soups are the most common items to be found in the restaurants in Oman. The Omanis generally prefer to have the main course which is a heavy meal during day time especially in the middle-east while the supper is usually lighter.

Kahwa – A Common Beverage


Read moreExperience Omani Cuisine In Unique Location

The most common beverage that Omanis love to serve whether at home or in any restaurant is ‘Kahwa’. It is the national beverage of the country. Tea is also served in the Sultanate as a gesture of hospitality. Laban is a salty buttermilk which is a popular beverage served in various parts of the country. Yogurt drinks are also quite popular throughout the nation. No matter in which city you are, in each part of the country you will get numbers of mouth-watering food in Oman including refreshing beverages and snacks.

Sea Food In Oman


Because of the proximity of the country with the Arabian Sea, an array of sea food is found here. The restaurants in Muscat as well as in other cities provide a number of dishes cooked especially by these sea foods. Mashuai is a special dish found here which is cooked with a complete spit-roasted king-fish and is served with lemon rice. It is too delicious to taste other like dishes cooked with the sea food in Oman.

The restaurants in the country provide a variety of international cuisines too so that you feel like home away from home. You can enjoy the rich Omani as well as can also easily find your own country’s food, be it continental or other cuisines.

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Experience Omani Cuisine In Unique Location

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Number of restaurants and chain of restaurants have emerged all over Oman that portrays the real taste of the Sultanate. Although they use the same spices but the method of cooking is really different from each other and it makes them unique. “The Jungle” restaurant in Muscat is utterly a new concept restaurant in the city which is based upon the rainforest theme.

Experience The Jungle Environment

26-jungle restaurant 06

Read moreWhy Oman Is Popular For Holidays | The Jungle Restaurant

Not only the food but the ambience of this place is simply awesome. Situated in the capital of the Sultanate, it is a new casual restaurant build along the tropical rainforest theme in between verdant foliage. The position, surrounding and the environs of the restaurant matches perfectly with its exclusive venue. It also let its guests experience atypical of a rainforest rain in the desert land of Oman where rain, thunder and lightning are very rare. But here you can experience all these elements along with the sounds of wild animals as you walk through it to enter inside but you do not get wet as you are offered with an umbrella.

From inside, Jungle has been designed very beautifully and it boasts 100 seats with outstanding decor that complements its theme. Ethnic etchings, cave paintings, two level seating arrangements make it very spectacular. Whether you are coming here to dine with your friends, family or with your office team, it forms an intriguing experience always.

Expert Chef – Incredible Food


The food provided it’s really incredible as here in this multi-cuisine Jungle restaurant, you can find variety of delicacies to choose from. The multi talented chefs of the restaurant have expertise in respective field and they know the art of converting an ordinary dish to an extraordinary one. Within the inimitable restaurant, you will also find a live-grill station at each table. By offering this feature it maintain the theme and let you have a complete feel of a jungle.

There are many eateries in the city where you can treat your appetite but if you really wish to experience something very unique such as rain in a desert land then this Jungle restaurant in Muscat is the right place for you.

Best Place For Kids

Untitled design

For birthday parties or a personal and official get-together, this is just an outstanding place. If you have kids then this place is highly suggested as children just love to explore such places. But for adults too, the place is of course the right choice not only to enjoy the lovely ambience but to have scrumptious food too.

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Why Oman Is Popular For Holidays | The Jungle Restaurant

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Oman, officially known as the Sultanate of Oman is situated in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It shares the border with the United Arab Emirates on the north-west side, with Saudi Arabia on the west, and also shares naval borders with Iran and Pakistan. Oman has become one of the most popular tourist attractions due to its traditional way of life and extremely hospitable people. Every year people from all over the world plan a trip to this wonderful country to witness incredible things like dolphin-watching, desert safari and camel race. It is a wonderful country to spend some great time.

Oman Beaches

dolphin If you are a sea-lover then watching the dolphins can be a great source of entertainment. You can find many types of dolphins in Oman, most popular being bottle nose Dolphins and they are very large in size as well. Other dolphins include Write-bellied Porpoise, Criss Cross dolphin, hourglass dolphin, cape dolphin etc. These dolphins are trained in families in order to provide entertainment to the spectators.

Desert Night In Oman

IMG_9208Read moreTraditional Omani Food Restaurant In Oman | The Jungle

If you wish to make your trip more exciting then you must explore the whole locations of desert safari. The tour begins across the desert plains and is quite adventurous. You will come across a romantic desert with rolling sand dunes. The area of this desert extends as far as you can see.

Beautiful Wadi

for j This being the traditional home of Bedouin, there’s a high possibility that you might get invited for a meal with a Bedouins family and you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciated their traditional lifestyle. After reaching Wahiba Sands, Wadi Bani Khald will be the next destination. This is one of the most beautiful and largest Wadi in the Sultanate of Oman. You can see the water support in this Wadi under the Falaj Irrigation System. Another good Wadi to visit is WadiShab. The turtle beach resort will allow you to enjoy and appreciate the traditional beauty of Oman. If one of these destinations were to be picked for being famous amongst tourists, it would easily be Wahiba Sands.

Adventurous Camel Race

_CAMEL 1 One exciting event that happens in the Sultanate is Camel race. The camels get complete training to run on the race track. The events usually take place between the months of September and June in Seeb which has become a center to this unique sport. The camels are allowed to stay in Royal places in Seeb. In this race the camels run at a speed of more than 60 km/hr. The camels are given proper training and are taken care of.The winners are rewarded with huge cash prizes and cars. This event helps people of Oman to revive their relationship with camels which have been a very important part of the culture, and show the world their traditional side. The camels were once considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity among Omani people. Almost like horse racing with dedicated tracks for racing this event has become a major success and attracts spectators from all over the world.

Mouth-Watering & Delicious Food

DSCF2605The food in Oman here is mouth-watering and delicious. The cuisine is a concoction of dishes from various regions such as India, Europe, and America etc. However sadly, alcohol and pork is not served in the region because it is a Muslim nation and both alcohol and pork are banned in Islam. However some hotels and restaurants do have bars for foreigners.

Oman is a great vacation spot. The delicious and mouth-watering food, the warm and hospitable nature of people concocted with tons of activities, events and festivals make this place a tourist magnet and ensure that the tourists return with pleasant memories from this country.

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