Reasons to Enjoy Dining At The Jungle Restaurant With Kids

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Oman has no shortage of places where you can give your taste-buds a fantastic treat. Foodies have so much to explore in this country. If you are traveling to Oman and want to taste some of the most scrumptious local and international cuisines, then The Jungle Restaurant should be your next food escape.


There are so many reasons why a quest of searching for the best restaurant in Oman ends at this popular food paradise. Here are a few major reasons why you should choose this restaurant for your next feast outing-

  • Of course, the food!

The restaurant serves some of the most exotic Omani and international cuisines to blow your taste-buds away. From starters to the main course, they have an amazing variety to choose from. They have something for every taste and every mood. Simply go through their exciting menu, and order what you want.

  • Unique ambiance

tourists in oman

We all want to have our favorite bites at an ambiance that’s as satisfying as the food on the table. The Jungle Restaurant features a rainforest-themed interior where you feel like exploring the real forest. This unique theme makes it probably the best family-friendly restaurant for dining with kids in Oman. The ambiance is so interesting that you and your kids would love to be engaged in it.

  • Quality

Being a popular restaurant in Oman, The Jungle makes sure the guests are served with the finest quality of food. It has their kitchen on display, that reflects the quality transparency of preparing food. So, you can be assured of getting high-quality food along with delicious taste. If in Oman, this food escape is a must-try.

  • Kids-friendly

As discussed before the rainforest-themed interior, the restaurant provides an escape that kids would love to go. In its forest area, you can hear chirping birds, roaring dinosaur, and voices of other animals. Plus, there is thunder sound as well to give the whole setting a little more authentic feel. Kids would be so engaged that you won’t need to worry about them.

The restaurant is everything to make your dining extra special and exciting. Of this be sure, you are going to cherish the experience you will enjoy at The Jungle Restaurant. Once you visit, you will realize why it is one of the best themed and kids’ friendly restaurants in Oman. Book your table today!

Top 5 Jungle’s Christmas Special Delicacies You Must Try

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It’s December, and we cannot be patient enough for those over-decorated stores, dazzling evenings, and Christmas exclusive meals already. Of all the things that make Christmas so special and exciting for us, Christmas dinner is one of the most important things we spend all year dreaming about.

So, what are the best Christmas foods? No doubt there is an endless variety, but here are exclusive Christmas recipes that ‘The Jungle’ is offering to make your jolliest festival even greater.

Berries Smoothie



The Jungle’s berries smoothie is the sweetest and scrumptious pick-me-up thing you will come through this Christmas. The freshly picked berries are mashed with delicious ingredients that create a mouth-watering aroma, serving as one of the best Christmas dessert recipes.

Mizuna Greens with Smoked Salmon Rosettes


This starter recipe plays with the Mizuna Greens and freshly smoked salmon slices, seasoned with flavourful spices and sides. All that makes this starter tantalizing enough to not get done with. And as the name suggests, this is just a starting of the tasteful celebration that awaits at The Jungle Restaurant.

Roasted Almonds and Chicken Crème Soup


Up for a soupy Christmas festivity? This chicken crème soup garnished with roasted almonds is created to make you crave for more. And the good thing is, the restaurant is always there to satisfy all your taste cravings.

Roasted Turkey Breasts Glazed with Cranberry Sauce


This classic roast of turkey is sure to wow you and your friends at your next Christmas holiday gathering. Seasoned with flavorful ingredients and spices, this roasted turkey breast is the true explosion of flavours.

Christmas pudding with vanilla ice cream


The combination of pudding with vanilla ice-cream is popular for a reason. This dessert recipe of the restaurant is unbelievably delicious and satisfying. All that you would need after having a delish meal at the restaurant.

There must be many restaurants in Muscat providing a wide variety of food, but if you haven’t tried the Christmas special menu of The Jungle Restaurant, you are missing the most appetizing celebration. Celebrate your Christmas with the assorted cuisine of The Jungle and make your day unforgettable.

A Wordy-tour to the Most Wonderful Rainforest-themed Restaurant in Oman

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The Jungle restaurant is the place for those who believe good food tastes better when complemented with an interesting ambience. And, let’s accept the fact that we can appease our hunger by ordering food online, but we choose to step out so that we can enjoy an amazing setting that refreshes our mind and makes our dining special. The Jungle knows it and thus offers its impeccable food destination.


Right when you enter the mesmerizing premises, and the greenery around starts giving your soul a refreshing hit, you realize Jungle Restaurant is no ordinary place.  And when you walk inside, a whole new tantalizing journey begins.


Let’s begin with its sophisticated dining area, combining subtle jungle décor and generous space. You will be entranced as the place has class and fun pooled to make you feel much better about your time in Muscat.


They provide you a private barbeque on the table, and that’s one of the most amazing things about the place. Undoubtedly one of the most wonderful places to have the best food in Muscat as well. The varieties of food here are worth giving your diet a break for the day.


That’s where the tasteful creations begin. They have the kitchen on display where you can see the culinarians preparing deliciousness for you. This makes the ambience look more stylish, plus it is a sign that the restaurant keeps the quality transparent to its customers.


Let’s talk about this interesting jungle-themed setting. After having a delish meal at the restaurant you can take a walking tour at its virtual jungle area that has greenery all around, and the sounds of different animals that make it look like a real forest all the more. Beautiful fountains, chirping birds, wet paths, and many more rainforest elements are combined to make you spellbound about your visit.


This fella greets everyone with its dramatic roaring in the forest setting. Not real, but sounds and looks like one. You are going to meet many other animals’ statues while walking through this astounding setting.

The various amazements added to every corner of this place makes it the most popular Rainforest Restaurant in Oman. If in Muscat, make sure you do not miss a visit to this amazing food heaven, catering to every taste and mood. Get ready to enjoy the finger-licking savories at the exquisite rainforest-themed ambience of The Jungle Restaurant.

My Best Feast Day in Oman at The Jungle Restaurant

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Oman suffers no shortage of fancy places to eat; what I found the most charming of all was The Jungle Restaurant. Popular for its rich, authentic, and flavorful varieties of food, this rainforest-themed food paradise knows exactly what a truly exciting food outing should look and feel like. It serves traditional, international and wildly creative gastronomy that I am going to talk about in my blog this time.

Having heard from various mates about the restaurant, I had flagged this spot on my list even before I visited Muscat. And, this is how the place served me and my friends with its matchless food and ambience.

Never Wanted These ‘STARTERS’ to ‘STOP’


To begin, we chose the very popular chicken & meat tikka- grilled meat & chicken pieces topped with rich flavored spices and served with some sort of vegetables. The best part was the barbeque attached to our table that allowed us to grill our food and have it while it was hot and sizzling. Apart from this, my friends ordered the signature ‘Jungle Burger’ and ‘Cottage Cheese Kathi Wrap’ that was delicious enough to turn us impatient about ordering our main course right away.

Talk ‘Biryani’ to Me


I have always been a big fan of Indian food, and while Omani cuisine is a fine combination of Indian, Iranian, Eastern Mediterranean, and African cuisine, it made me excited all the more. We ordered what they say is the food fell right from heaven- ‘Biryani’. And trust me, this was the finest version of this food I ever had. With the right mix of flavors and ingredients, The Jungle’s biryani is everything you need for a bad day or a good day or every day!

Need More of Such Sweetness


I am the melting butterscotch one! Desserts are my favorite part of dining, especially when they are this scrumptious. The restaurant has a variety of sweet delights including the Omani ones, such as Ummali, Chocolate lava cake, Halwa, Ice-creams, etc.

The Best Rainforest Restaurant in Muscat


The rainforest-themed ambience of the restaurant had our mind blown. It gives you the look & feel of the real forest where you can hear the sounds of chirping birds, dinosaurs, monkeys, etc. We simply loved walking around this beautiful themed place after fantastic dining.

Backed with my experience, I would say it is one of the best restaurants in Oman to have a feast treat. Come and experience a delicious hit of food at The Jungle and make your outing extraordinary.

Jungle Restaurant- Your Next Dining Destination in Muscat

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Want to eat out somewhere exciting, but not sure where to go?

Deciding on going out for a meal can often prove more of a hassle than its worth. Muscat has a lot to offer when it comes to food, but there are only a few restaurants that makeup to your taste expectations in the true sense.

Whether you are planning a family reunion or a hangout with friends, ‘The Jungle Restaurant’ is the place to head. As the name suggests, the restaurant is created along the tropical rainforest theme. And, before I talk about the food, I want to tell the brilliant ambience the restaurant has to offer its guests.

jungle restaurant

(The Jungle Restaurant)

The location and the ambience of the restaurant offer a unique venue to dine in. You get to experience the natural elements of rainforest including rain, thunder, and lighting. Plus, there are echoes and sounds of roaring dinosaur, chirping birds, and other animals to give you a feel of walking through a jungle.

Now, let me come to the food. The restaurant has an outstanding variety of gastronome prepared with assorted flavours, ingredients, and culinary concepts. Here is a rough overview of what this fine dining restaurant in Muscat has to offer.



The Jungle is a paradise of scrumptious starters. The only tough part is to select from a vast variety of delicacies. And, what’s going to be served on your table is a complete deliciousness. From paneer tikka to chicken kebab, you are going to taste the finest version of all.

Main Course


Menu for the main course will have you delighted with the dishes’ name itself. The restaurant has a variety of oven-fresh bread to choose from with flavoursome sides and curry options. The variety of food just won’t seem to be making it easier for you to order just one or a few items.



From Omani halwa to assorted ice-creams, the restaurant has desserts for every taste and mood. You are just not recommended to miss the sweet delights of the place after enjoying a fantastic dining. And, did I mention you can order fresh seasonal fruits too?

After being to this amazing food bliss, I already claim it to be the best restaurant in Oman. In simple words, the place is the perfect escape for both family and friends outing. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or want to dine out for a unique experience, The Jungle Restaurant makes for the right destination. Combine this with the fact that the place will keep your children (If they come along) engaged with its ambience while you enjoy your great time.

Top 3 Most Interesting Themed Restaurants in Oman

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With an increase in Oman tourism, Muscat has witnessed the cropping up of numerous fancy and themed restaurants of its own. Since Omani food is greatly inspired by Indian cuisine, many Indian restaurants in Muscat lets you savour both Indian and Omani gastronome. Well, going with the flow of the topic, I will focus on the conceptual designs of restaurants more and will tell you the top 3 themed restaurants in Muscat, backed by my own experience.

The Jungle


Located in the beautiful city of Muscat, the restaurant is created with a rainforest theme amidst lush foliage. The ambience and location of the restaurant is nothing less than a treat to the eyes. You get to enjoy the natural elements of the rainforest that includes rain, thunder, and lighting, together making for a perfect adult as well as a kid’s friendly restaurant in Muscat.

Alongside, there are sounds of chirping birds, roaring dinosaurs and other animals for a more realistic experience. So you should know, with a jungle theme, it does not mean you will just get an architecture inspired by a forest. You will experience a virtually real rainforest inside the restaurant. Plus, the place has mouth-watering food to treat your taste-buds as well.

Mumbai Chennai Express

As mentioned before, a major percentage of Omani population have their roots from India, so you will find many food centres with an Indian origin. One such Indian restaurant in Muscat is Mumbai-Chennai Express. This theme restaurant in Muscat is inspired by Indian Railway and gives you a complete feel of having a feast-treat inside the Mumbai-Chennai express. The restaurant was built after the popular Bollywood movie “Chennai Express”. I would highly recommend this place for those who want to experience an old-charm and nostalgia of travelling on a train.

1947 Indian Restaurant

Do you wonder how it would look like if the Indian history books were a place? It is this restaurant that will let you step into the pages of a history book, taking you back to the time when India got its independence. You will see a large cannon at the entrance, offering the vintage feel right from when a guest enters. The walls are adorned with the pictures of Indian freedom fighters, and the newspapers of that time are specially brought to cover the tables. Another great feature I found here was the speeches echoing over the sound system all over the restaurant. There is so much to read and look at once you decide to feast inside the 1947 Indian Restaurant.

So, whether you choose to go to a historical Indian restaurant or rainforest restaurant in Oman, one thing that certain is, you are going to have a wonderful time and experience.

Must Try Ramadan Special Buffet in Muscat

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Ramadan does not only mean fasting and adorning the power of sacrifices. It is also an occasion that brings an opportunity to treat your taste-buds with delicious savouries and make the celebrations all the more fun. Ramadan is the most awaited month for all the Muslims. It is a time when everyone gathers with their loved ones and share some quality family time, while breaking fast with scrumptious food together.



If you are in Muscat and want to make your Ramadan extra special this year, then here are some of the best Omani restaurants you must visit for savouring Ramadan special buffet.

The Jungle Restaurant– Keeping in mind the essence of Iftar. The Jungle Restaurant has come up with some of the most delicious gastronome to make this Ramadan memorable. This restaurant is not only a perfect getaway for feast-treat, but to enjoy the extraordinary jungle themed ambience as well. In short, a perfect destination for your Ramadan celebrations!

Ubhar Bistro– If you are a big fan of Omani cuisine, or want to try the authentic local grubs, then this restaurant can be your Iftar escape. The restaurant has assorted varieties of food, prepared to give the guests the real taste of Oman.

Taybat Restaurant– With a contemporary interior and city view, this restaurant has various options of food, including vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten free, etc. No matter what kind of food you like to have on your table, you will most probably get it in this restaurant.

Bar.B.Q Tonight– Add class to your Ramadan celebration at this sophisticated restaurant. The restaurant lets you taste flavorful and ingredient-rich food in Oman. For your Iftaar, you can find an array of assorted cuisines available here, prepared specifically for this auspicious month.

Ginger All Day Dining– Ginger provides fantastic and mouth-watering buffet for those looking for a mesmerizing Ramadan experience. The ambience and interior is nothing less than fabulous, and its food will simply blow your mind away.

Muscat is a city full of restaurants, offering authentic flavors of Omani food and international cuisine. Above-mentioned are some of the places in Muscat, where you can enjoy a Ramadan special Buffet in the fanciest way. Make your Ramadan celebration cheerful at a perfect restaurant and with the togetherness of family and friends.