Have You Tried a Jungle Themed Fine Dining Restaurant in Muscat?

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Have you been to an elegantly designed rainforest themed restaurant serving mouth-watering delicacies?

Well, if not, it’s time you must experience a refreshing treat at The Jungle Restaurant in Muscat.
This rainforest themed fine dining restaurant has the look and feel of an actualJungle muscat.jpg

rainforest. The indoor ambience of the restaurant will take your breath away with its lush green plants, animal replicas, and artificial rain. Yes, you heard it right!

The perfect time to have a meal here is the daytime as it brings out the best colors of the mini-forest providing the diners a stunning view. To reach this theme restaurant in Muscat, you have to walk through a pathway with soothing green creepers and trees on either side. The interiors of the restaurant are designed in a huge cave theme with the walls covered in intricate tribal designs. The etched walls and ceiling give off a tribal vibe. Even the furniture in shades of brown or leopard print matches the theme. The matching crockery also gives guests the feeling of wilderness. That’s not all! The sound of rain and crashing thunder mingled with the chirping of birds and constant roar of dinosaur complete the perfect jungle ambience. It is an experience hard to forget and pleasant to the soul.

The colorful and unconventional wildness décor is quite delightful, especially for kids. Parents don’t need to keep track of their children as they busily explore the unique jungle ambience and devise their own games, making it rightfully a kid-friendly restaurant in Muscat city.

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The Jungle Muscat is a multi-cuisine restaurant and its menu consists of delicacies not only from the Middle East but from Asia, Europe, and America. Apart from being a paradise for Non-vegetarians, the restaurant also caters to vegetarian guests and serves exotic vegetarian dishes hard to resist.

Another delight of The Jungle Muscat restaurant is an exclusive Plant Shop located at the entrance featuring numerous exotic and captivating plants and flowers. Undoubtedly any nature lover will find this restaurant to be one of the best restaurants in Muscat.
Bon Appetite!


Oman Dining – Healthy and Balanced Weeknight Meals at The Jungle Restaurant

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With more and more people becoming health conscious, it is not surprising to find people dieting. However, if you are on a diet, it does not mean you have to abstain from food. In fact, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by developing a right balance between a wide range of food. This will help you in having a well-balanced lifestyle for a long time.


Diversity is the key to have a balanced nutritious diet in today’s hectic lifestyle. Every kind of food has some nutritional value which cannot be ignored. If we consume a wide range of food, we will have access to a variety of nutrients. Your food should contain a right proportion of all the essential nutrients that is carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We should also expose ourselves to vitamins, minerals and other vital components of diet. This will only be possible when we consume a variety of food and not stick to a staple diet.

It’s difficult to make a healthy choice when it comes to food while you are on vacation. However, in Oman, there are a lot of eateries where you can relish food without being health conscious. The restaurants in Oman have been designed for taking complete care of their guests’ health. One such restaurant in Muscat is The Jungle Restaurant. This theme restaurant in Muscat is famous for providing sumptuous healthy food. So, while your entire day is involved in breathtaking sightseeing of the beautiful Muscat city, you can spend your weeknights at this Jungle restaurant.

As one of the best restaurants in Muscat, the Jungle restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering delicacies which will soothe your taste buds. Visiting the restaurant is like walking in a jungle with the animal sounds welcoming you and your path woven around plants and flowers. Being a true guest friendly restaurant, the meals at this restaurant are diverse but balanced with right proportions of nutrients. So, you don’t need to worry about gaining calories with improper diet. Just relax and enjoy the perfect meal amidst the perfect jungle ambience.

The three-course weeknight meal full of nutrients has been drawing attention of people from far and wide. Even kids stop being fussy as this restaurant offers kid-friendly menu also. So, treat yourself with the finger-licking food while you are at Oman.

Muscat Restaurants: Perfect Place for Complete Culinary Experience

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If there is something that unites people from all countries, religion, and creed, it is food. Thanks to the taste buds, food is not only meant to satiate your hunger, it also supposed to treat your pallets well. When in Muscat, you will get to go on a culinary journey that you can never forget. From the traditional Omani cuisine to the Arabic, Mughlai and exotic cuisines from all over the world, Oman is a place that will never disappoint you. As the country has taken giant strides in the development of tourism infrastructure, the number of amazing restaurants in Muscat and other cities has also shown a steep rise.


What to treat yourself with when you are in Oman and where?

Traditional Omani Fares

Oman has kept its culture quite intact but there is a considerable impact from other countries as well and it shows in their cuisines as well. The country lies on the ancient spice route and this is the reason why there is a cultural transfusion. Most of the Omani delicacies has meat infused with spices. There are different form of the same dish like Chicken Kabouli Al-Batena style, Chicken Kabouli Muscat style, Chicken Makbous Al-Thahera style and a lot more.

The influences from Asian, Arab and other countries in terms of cooking style and ingredients come together to create a special magic that is different from the usual middle-eastern flavor. Right from the starters and the main course to the desserts, Oman has dishes to tickle the right spots of your taste buds. The country is known for its warm hospitality and most of the restaurants in Muscat are the epitome of hospitality.

Look For A Complete Entertainment Package

When you visit a restaurant, you don’t just expect a place that offers great food. The ambiance also matters a lot. Especially, if you wish to have a complete outing experience or have kids that need to be kept engaged while you have your dinner, you want a place that offers more than just good food. Muscat is fortunate to have many such spots and one of the most frequented places is The Jungle Restaurant.

The restaurant offers amazing delicacies that cater to all kinds of food lovers. From traditional Omani dishes to global cuisines, you have a host of dishes to choose from. However, the highlight of this restaurant is the artificial rainforest along which the restaurant is built. The guests can experience the natural elements of a rainforest.

As they walk through the forest, there is artificial rain, thunderstorm and lightning to greet them. They would also hear the roar of dinosaurs, chirping of the birds and sound of other animals. The place is ideal for the kids as well as the guests who love being close to nature.

The Award Winning Theme Restaurant in Muscat

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The Jungle Restaurant

A restaurant becomes popular not only because of the food it offers but also by the ambiance the food is served in. People love to go to theme restaurants as they get a lot more apart from the delicious fare. Especially, when you are going with your kids, theme restaurants are the most preferred ones.

Theme restaurants offer the diners a great meal as well as an experience they can enjoy and cherish. These restaurants use music, imagery, and design to set the mood for a memorable dining experience. With an improved quality of life, people are not satisfied just with the taste of the food. They are more concerned about the place they are having food. There are several theme restaurants in Muscat that cater to the diverse taste of the people.

Some Of The Themes That Restaurants Are Based On:

1. Vampire Restaurant

Over the past few years, vampire movies and television series have become quite popular with the people. The fans of these series and movies are so obsessed with them that they cannot stop discussing the characters and the story. For such fans and even other people who are curious about   the world of vampires, vampire theme restaurants are must-visits.

2. Rainforest Restaurant

If you are a nature lover and love to have your lunch or dinner amidst tropical rainforest, a rainforest themed restaurant in Muscat is the best place to be. Luckily, there is a very popular rainforest restaurant in Muscat, named The Jungle Restaurant. They offer a range of local and global cuisines but the best part of the restaurant is its ambiance. You will find artificial rainforest and will also be greeted with sounds of the animal. This place is indeed a must-visit.

3. Airplane Restaurants

The idea behind a theme restaurant can stem from anywhere, for example, the airplane restaurant. Although many airplane restaurants have opened in different parts of the world, the first one is still the most popular. It was opened by a former fighter pilot who had participated in the world war II. He was so fascinated by the entire world of aircrafts that he built a restaurant based on them.

4. Toilet-Themed Restaurant

This sounds weird but so many toilet-themed restaurants are there in different cities of the world. As amply clear from the name, these restaurants serve dishes in pot-shaped utensils and in some cases, even the chairs are shaped in the form of toilet seat. There are a few people who get totally turned off by such theme but the takers of these restaurants are many. You will find a lot of rush in such restaurants.

Benefits of a Themed Restaurant

A customer will always look for something extra in whatever he or she pays for. A theme restaurant offers just that even if the customer has to pay a bit extra. Even the kids enjoy more in these restaurants. From the perspective of the restaurant owner, theme restaurants are able to generate more curiosity and thus more profit.

Restaurants in Muscat: What To Eat When In Muscat

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Oman is a culturally rich country and its cuisine is quite evident of this fact. Also, the influence of neighboring countries on its cuisine has been tremendous. When you are in Muscat, the capital of Oman, you will never run out of lip-smacking dishes served in some of the best restaurants in Muscat. In addition to the local Omani cuisines like Harees, Shuwa, and Kahwa, you can find a lot of fusion dishes like black limes and maleh also.

People in Muscat love food and this is evident from the number of restaurants in Muscat. After the renaissance, when Oman was going through modernization, the government made sure that the country is developed as a tourist hub where the visitors from all over the world may feel at home. It did not shy away from imbibing the best of the worlds, keeping its culture at the core.

King Prawns

Although Oman has kept its culture intact it has always been open to influences from all around the world. This is the reason why you will find Italian, American, Chinese, Thai cuisines in the Muscat restaurants. Oman is well-known for its hospitality and you will be greeted with Kahwa and dates upon arrival at many restaurants in Muscat. To help you in deciding what not to miss while in Muscat, we have curated some of the dishes that you should try.


You get a plenty of options in starters. One of the drool-worthy starter items that you can gorge upon is coconut shrimps containing coconut and panko crusted prawns. Another starter that you should give a try is Arabic expeditions. It is a combination of mutabel, hummus, tabbouleh, khubbs, cheese samosa and falafel. You can complement the starters with cioppino soup which is a tomato based sea-food soup. These dishes will set the perfect mood and appetite for a sumptuous main course.

Kakori Kebab

When it comes to Grills, the restaurants in Muscat will never disappoint you. Delicacies like Omani Hammour grill seasoned with Omani spices, Turkish grills, Beiruti grill, Moroccan and Yemeni grill and many more will make your day for sure. You can also try Kakori Kebab and camel kebab for some distinct taste.

If steak and sizzlers are the ones that awaken your taste buds, you are in for some pleasant surprize. King prawns, Fillet steak sizzlers, seafood sizzlers will take your taste buds to an unmatched culinary journey.

These are some of the dishes that you can try while in Muscat. There are several restaurants in Muscat where these delicacies are available. Muscat is a city that you need to explore to get the best out of it. The city is always ready to serve you with its mouth-watering cuisines, breathtaking scenery and rich culture.

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Why Muscat Restaurants Should Be The Travelers’ Choice

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Muscat has a very rich culture especially when it comes to food. Influenced by Arabic and other Asian fares, the cuisines served at Muscat restaurants are quite eclectic and amazing. If you are a traveler and loves to try dishes from all over the world, Muscat is the place to be. You will be spoilt for choices whether it is starters, main course, desserts or beverages.

tourists in oman

Those tourists who are really passionate about food often come to Oman just for experiencing the culinary delight, Muscat has to offer. Food is tightly coupled with the tradition in Oman. Guests are welcomed with dates and Kahwa, a special kind of coffee brewed in mostly middle-eastern and Muslim countries. Local Omanis usually do not consume alcohol but it is readily available in 5-start restaurants and hotels.

After the Renaissance in Oman in the year 1970, Oman has progressed rapidly and has emerged as a favorite destination among the tourists from across the globe. If you love to travel and taste different cuisines, we are going to give you some compelling reasons why you must visit restaurants in Muscat.

Local Omani Cuisines

Muscat restaurants
Local cuisine is quite simple but unique in its own way. Even the most seasoned of the foodies will appreciate the flavours. The dishes prepared with meat are the heart of the Omani cuisine. The most common meat used in most delicacies is the lamb meat. Different dishes are cooked in different ways and this is what creates a unique flavour in each of them. Some of the preparations that you must try while visiting a restaurant in Muscat are Al Mubdi, Uzi and many others.

Global Cuisine With The Omani Touch

restaurants services
Oman is a city that has embraced the global culture without losing its own identity. You will find several global dishes prepared with ethnic touch of Oman. Many delicacies that you will find in the restaurants of Muscat are Arab, Persian, Indian, African and even North America, a classic case of cultural transfusion. From several types of Biryanis to desserts filled with dry fruits and nuts, Oman has something to cater to every taste bud. The range of dishes offered in some of the good restaurants in Muscat is unparalleled.

Some of the restaurants in Oman like The Jungle Restaurant” is also known for its ambiance apart from delectable food. You can find artificial rain forest with rains, lightnings, animal sounds and many other exciting things. Apart from this restaurant, there are several others too which have created a niche for themselves. If you are a tourist planning to visit Muscat, you must make sure that you visit the famous restaurants of Oman and experience a culinary delight.

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Muscat Restaurants: Things You Need To Know Before Dining Out

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You may be clear about what you want to eat on a particular day but choosing the restaurant that serves it tastiest, is not an easy task. When you are in Muscat, Oman you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to eating out. There is a plethora of restaurants in the city and the choice boils down to several factors that need to be considered before you zero in on a restaurant. We have outlined a few of them that will help you make an informed choice about Muscat restaurant.

restaurant menu

The Menu
While choosing a restaurant, you must look for a restaurant that offers something for everyone. Also, different variations and flavors of a dish should be available so that you do not have a dearth of options. When all the members of your family get their favorite dishes on the platter, only then it makes for a great outing.

Affordability is an important factor when it comes to dining out with the family. You will not want to compromise on the quality of the food but at the same time, you will also not want to empty your entire wallet. Also, if you are ready to pay the price, you will obviously want that to reflect in your plate and the service. Good food is not always expensive. With a little research on the internet or by asking your friends and colleagues, you can come across a great place that offers delicious food at an affordable price.


Great ambiance complements the food like nothing else. The restaurant may seem beautiful to others but its ambiance may not appeal to you. Therefore, you must choose a restaurant whose atmosphere you like and enjoy. The choice of music, the volume at which it is played etc. can affect your mood so you must be careful while picking the restaurant.

restaurants services

However tasty the food is, your experience at a restaurant will be good only when it is complemented with exceptional service. Behaviour of the waiter, the attention you are given, the dedication of the staff to serve you, etc are some of the parameters on which you can assess the service quality of a restaurant.

In this age of internet, it is quite easy to know the reputation of a restaurant. There are review websites where customers share their views about different restaurants including their specialities and where they lack. You must go through these reviews before you choose to visit a restaurant.

Now that you have a fair amount of idea about what to look for before you go eating out, you will be able to enjoy a better culinary experience. Muscat is home to a wide variety of restaurants. Whether you are looking for authentic Omani fare or a global cuisine, the city will cater all kinds of taste buds. Some of the restaurants like The Jungle not only offers a delectable range of food but also an ambiance that is atypical of a rain-forest. You can have a great time with your family and family here.

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